Someday All The Adults Will Die – Review

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Art, Hayward Gallery, LOndon
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This exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of punk graphic design, surveying imagery produced before, during and after the punk years, and drawing upon previously unseen public and private archives and collections.

Hosted by the Hayward gallery, the exhibition hosts original posters, fanzines and early 7″ records. Rather than the pieces on display, it is the sense of unity and community within the scene that really struck me. All the pressings were hand-drawn, manually photocopied and stapled together, publishers were only considered if the numbers increased to 4 digits. I can envisage the fans at time physically having to travel to buy or trade music, something that has been lost since the Internet and MP3.

The music industry has changed, and although file sharing sites are technically a larger scale version of trading cassettes (remember them?), I can’t help but feel the soul of the industry has been lost. Whether punk is your choice of music or not, I really recommend seeing the exhibition if only to understand how the scene at the time was worth so much more than just the music


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