Monocyte #2 (Full Review) – (Comic Blog #11)

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Art, comics, Horror
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Plot Overview – Plot Spoiler

The comic begins with the necromancer executing his way through the Oliginistic army. Although these actions are expected by the reader, Monocyte reflects ‘Long Have I Sought This Gift’ ‘Death’… ‘You Are My Envy’. This is the first character development we have received.

Again confronted by 6 Olignistic soldiers, Monocyte uses their psyches as individual keys to enter their city. The Conduit is his target, Monocyte reveals his discontent for the Olignistics greed and mocks their very existence as ‘transient’. Upon reaching the chamber of the Conduit we also discover his previous knowledge of the Conduits fate, and ‘she’ who resides within it.

We are reintroduced to Grod who is residing on the wasteland between the two great cities, now nothing more than an open grave. This two page spread focuses on his bitterness of being removed from the Conduit and his human cattle. He reflects on his crest, his symbol of nobility. We also gain an insight into his current plight when he confesses to have wanted more than immortality, ‘a greater sway, greater prestige and greater power’. He curses his races arrogance as the Monocyte marches through his city with only the dead remaining. His disgust for the ‘Shepherd’ is again revealed blaming her for removing him and therefore salvation for their kin.’ The Shepherd has forsaken them all.

The Monocyte finally faces the Shepherd who presents the final hurdle between the Conduit and himself. The Shepherd recognises the Monocyte from past memory. She also speaks of how the previously brought the Conduit online, however he sees their fate as the same… both to end in death. The Shepherd knows it was Azrael who sent him to do Deaths bidding.

The story the progresses to the Antedeluvian City, to the throne of the Green Man: Donum Sancti. The Marquis De Seraphim informs the Green Man of the Monocytes destruction in the Olignistic city and the uncertainty of his intentions for their kin. Meanwhile, Moses has retreated into meditation solitude to summon ample defence against the one-eyed. We are then treated to an amazing full-page of the meditating Moses who delves into the one-eyed’s mindset and wish for death.

The Shepherd explains how she was there when the Conduit went online and how easy it was to deceive the humankind and how her position granted special privileges. She talks of how the Conduit can hear her words before denouncing her union with the Conduit over while anticipating what the Monocyte will do with it.

The Chamber of the Conduit – Shakespeare’s Hamlet is then quoted at the Monocyte approaches the Conduit, who is now begging for his existence. However, no mercy is shown. The Olignistics know their Conduit has fallen and their immortality finished. Only one has survived, Grod.

I must admit that like #1 this is a very intense book, and I must that I didn’t understand all of what was spoken and written. However the stunning artwork guides you through the story. Although complex and detailed, it effortlessness guides you through each scene. This comic demands high amounts of concentration and focus from the reader and that is its strength.

Like #1 we are also introduced to two short stories. First is by Alan Hubbard accompanied by Chris Newman’s art. I think it has to be read to be described, however it involves an immortal sacrificing human life’s.

Secondly is the amazing Ben Templesmith who provides his own artwork and story. If Monocyte was confusing, this takes it to a new level. The two pages consist of pig like humans rolling on their backs before being executed.

Cover 4/5 – The cover provides an excellent preview of what’s contained within the comic. Like #1 there is the chance of lazy Geiger/Alien comparisons, however whenever I see it in my pull list I automatically forget the other 19 being delivered.

Art 5/5 – I think the artwork manages to exceed the previous comic. The double page spread of Grod procrastinating, the naked woman on the door of the entrance to the Conduit, Moses in a levitational meditation, the Conduit itself… I could go on. I am now in the process of saving to actually purchase some of Menton3’s visually stunning work.

Story 4.5/5 – I think #2 continued how it was expected to, however the small character developments including glimpses into his history and his need for death change how the one-eyed is viewed. The text used in this comic is deliberately detailed to demand fine full attention of the reader. The only drawback is that by being a bi-monthly title I did have to re-read the first chapter to remember certain points. However, this is destined to be read as a trade in its entirety.


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