Three’s A Crowd & Microscopic Vinyl Record Grooves

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The KK Outlet in Hoxton Square is currently running two exhibitions that close on 28th January. I haven’t been to KK Outlet previously, however alongside being a gallery it also serves as a bookshop and a communication agency.

Ewen Spencer met a little known band in 2001 called the White Stripes. Ewen spent the following five years capturing their gigs from small clubs to their rise in fame. Ewen is exhibiting his striking, meditative and quietly chaotic images.

These particular images cover 2005 when the band had played to the biggest crowd of their career. There is a clear intimacy between Spencer and the band, and that respect can be felt within the pictures he has taken.


This small exhibition highlights three photographs of two full rotations of the grooves within three different musical genres of vinyl records. The images have had their original sizes increased by 100, to highlight how music is translated when pressed into a vinyl record.

Classical – The grooves are quite straight and static in movement. The audio is mainly built on strings and orchestral instruments that have a low dynamic range and smooth transitions when developing.

Rock – The sudden radical movements in the direction of the grooves are clearly visible. These large changes within the audio eg drum fills or vocal volume increase.

Drum and Bass – The constant, frequent large movements can be seen clearly within each groove. This forms due to the audio containing significant amounts of dynamics including hard-hitting bass tones and snare drums.


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