Full 30 Days of Night #2 Review (Comic Blog #8)

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Art, comics, Horror, Vampire
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30 Days of Night #2 – Review

Steve Niles’s 30DoN continues in the darkened alleyway where #1 concluded. Alice is confronted by the one thing she has been ‘desperately seeking’… a vampire. However, one attacking Dean Ikos who she had just met and berated was not part of that plan. Alice may have received warning from Barrow Alaska, however vampires have made a home in Los Angeles.

Plot Overview (Spoiler)

As Alice stalls for time, she recalls her training at the FBI academy,  sparing against a training partner with markers on his fingers as claws. Although she ‘kicked his ass’, she had been left with several marks across her front highlighting the hits she had received. 
There is little time for reminiscing as we see a close up of Alice’s bullet leaving the side of the attackers head. Although a non-lethal blow, it does afford her enough time to use her taser before emptying her barrel of ammo into his face.
Dean still has a weak pulse, and Alice’s thoughts turn from horror to opportunity as she informs her former instructor Hendrilk that she has a live specimen. Hendrik then orders an elite force get ready and head to Alice’s location. Meanwhile, the worst fears of Alice start to unfold as Deans spilled blood starts to return to his body. Although she hears the sirens of the special task force, a once dying figure rises. The comic concludes with the team gaining their positions, with a figure in the shadows heading towards them. However, as Alice appears covered in blood she closes the comic with ‘too late’.

Following feedback on my #1 review, I agree I might have been a little generous with my scoring. However I think the score given as low as 2 was a little harsh. Maybe with those comments in mind, my scoring has changed and I now believe one of the most disappointing aspects is the art. Although I liked its simplicity in #1 in this edition the consistency just isn’t there. The panels that aren’t of a close up never match, and her figure is disjointed. My biggest complaint is that there are nearly 15 panels with no text at all (there are also several that only contain action noises rather than dialogue or narrative.

The comic is a really quick read, a vampire is killed, a quick reminisce, the special unit being introduced, a resurrection ending with a prompt conclusion. I am hoping this was treated as a two-part introduction before the real story begins. I am a big Steve Niles fan so I will stick with this for a few issues, however as I have a large pull list of comics to buy each month it will need to improve quickly to remain.

Story 3/5 – The story continues as expected,  with an introduction of the mysterious unit. Personally it raised the question of why she would start her own vampire search site if she has trained as part a ‘vampire squad’. Surely it’s something they would already do? The lack of dialogue and narrative really made #2 suffer, I hope #3 improves

Art 2.5/5 – I was really disappointed with this weeks artwork. There were a few strong panels, however the art looked rushed and had lost any character that first appealed to me. I always believe that it is better to delay a book, then to publish an effort that hurts the story.

Cover 2.5/5 – I have the — ‘B’ cover, so I can only comment on mine. However, this blurred image of a monster using dark shading doesn’t excite me as a reader (and I bought these as a fan). The ‘A’ cover is a lot better though.


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