Full 30 Days of Night #1 Review (Comic Blog #7)

Posted: January 11, 2012 in comics, East London, Horror
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The story opens with a letter being typed to the main character ‘Alice Blood’, warning her of the impending danger of her newly started website. Alice is warned ‘they are real’ and that if she really seeks them, she will be found. We are not provided any narrative on the sender other than she is based in a snowy climate.
The story then increases pace with a group of vampire ‘elders’, who are gathered and fast becoming impatient waiting for a group of younger breeds to arrive. When they arrive led by a weapon wielding ‘Jill’, their impact is immediate with the massacre of the elders.
The reader is finally introduced to Alice who is carrying a large amount of correspondence from her websites viewers. The website is called ‘Desperately Seeking Vampire’, and I think the title says it all. Alice is shown to be bright, strong and aware (at least she thinks she is) of the risks involved with a search like hers.
We then learn more about the vampire power struggle. Jill maybe leading the battle, however we are also introduced to ‘the father’ who’s plotting has led to these actions. He is not content with their species having to live in secret, he is aware of their superior position in the food chain and he wants to make sure they return to their rightful place on top. The last segment concludes with a human hanging from the ceiling, arteries cut providing the drink that they toast their plan over. This is the first sign of the fate that could be awaiting the human race if they succeed in their plans of dominance.
The comic closes with Alice meeting with Dean Ikos who claims to have seen a vampire. Although she is clearly distracted by his good looks, she hears his tale of surviving an attack with his Uncle as a child. He is aware of how the story may sound, and the lack of evidence didn’t help validate it, however it was the mention of Barrow, Alaska that regained her attention. Alice remembers the letter she received with the reference of Barrow, and verbally attacks Dean for wasting her time for his entertainment and leaves.
Although fuming, she still thinks he is ‘hot’ before turning back to speak to him. However, she can see a figure on the rooftops stalking Dean. We are introduced to our first attack and sees Dean being feasted upon by the stalking vampire. The final twist of the tale is that Alice is revealed as a FBI agent.

A really good start to a series I have been looking forward to in a while. Niles is known for being a master of this genre, and I think this will help enhance his reputation. A fangtastic 4/5


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