Avenging-Spiderman #2 & The Strain #1 Reviews (Comic Blog #6)

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Art, comics, East London, Horror
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I had originally intended my first Marvel review to be the new series ‘Magneto Not a Hero’, alongside Brian Azzarello’s Spaceman. However due to a postal issue and these not being sent in time, I will look at my only other Marvel comic, ‘Avenging Spider-Man’ alongside Dark Horses new horror comic ‘The Strain’.

I have never been a Marvel reader therefore I am not overly familiar with their characters other than Spider-Man and earlier X-Men,  and I have mixed feelings over the second release in this new series. I really like Joe Madureira’s  artwork & Ferran Daniel’s colouring, however the story hasn’t really caught my imagination.
Zeb Wells’s adventure continues with Spider-Man and Red Hulks battle under NYC for the rulership of Subterranea. Mayor of Manhattan J. Jonah Jameson has been kidnapped by the Moloids, however they are actually looking for help rather than meaning any harm. 
The danger lies with the new king of the underground RA’KTAR who challenges Jameson to a fight to the death. Meanwhile Red Hulk alongside Spider-Man get involved with the battle ending with fatal consequences for Hulk?
I am still unsure over this title, however I am keen to see which other Avengers also feature. Finally I am a real fan of the striking artwork and vibrant inking. A solid 3.5 that can improve

Guillermo Del Toro & ‘Chuck Hogan’s The Strain was next. I had looked forward to this as I am a fan of his films. However it’s David Lapham & Mike Huddleston’s comic work which makes this enjoyable.
The story starts in 1927 Romania with a Mother scaring her Son with a ‘old wives tale’ about a giant who went out to the forest in a group, and although he was the only one to return, he soon locked himself away before children started to die tragically. 
The story then moves to present day with Dr Ephraim Goodweather spending some rare time with his son Jack before receiving a business call. A plane has landed at J.F.K before going silent and leading security to believe there is a security threat. Once aboard there are no survivors other than the pilot, all that remains is an old and sculptured coffin. The last page shows an elderly gentlemen watching the news, his final line closes the comic ‘He is here!’ Great starting point 4/5


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