Paul McCarthy in London (Adult Content Included)

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Art, LOndon, Sculpture
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I had never heard of the Hauser & Wirth Gallery previous, however following a recommendation I went to see Paul McCarthy’s new, and shocking as ever exhibition.

The total exhibition spans three locations from Savile Row, Picadilly & St James’s Square. First of all was the Picadilly Gallery to see his work ‘The King’. McCarthy is famous for his installations, with The King he does not disappoint. The main hall consists of a huge platform surrounded by large airbrushed paintingS, while a live sized naked McCarthy made from latex. He body with severed limbs (in a blond wig), he sits with his eyes closed in front of a church like pew for the viewer to see his throne and ‘elevated’ status.


There were other pieces within the gallery of note however, his ‘Pig Island’. A hard-hitting view ‘of a morally deviant world populated by pirates, cowboys, the likenesses of George W.Bush and Angelina Jolie, Disney characters and the artist himself, all carousing in a state of wild and reckless abandon’*

One part of this exhibition is the truly disturbing ‘Train, Mechanical’. A mechanical sculpture of two figures resembling Bush sodomise two pigs. Both have set movements including the rhythmic penetration action, however when approached their heads and eyes follow the viewer across the room.


I also managed to sneak a picture (bad eticate I know), of McCarthy’s work Paula Jones


I can’t say I really understand the meaning behind all the work, however I can appreciate the strength of the work and the impact McCarthy is making.

*Direct quote from the official press release.


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