Severed #1-2 Reviewed an Image Comic (Comic Blog #3d)

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Art, comics, Horror
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Severed #1&2 – What’s initially striking about these comics are the torn designed front covers, perfectly illustrated by Attila Futaki. They immediately set the disturbing and menacing tone that continues through each issue. Each background is relevant to the particular story that month, however it is the slow revealing of the stories evil through the tears that unnerves the reader.
I did not intend to review another Scott Snyder comic, although alongside Scott Tuft he has created yet another masterpiece. 

#1 story consists of two separate characters, one of youth and hope, and the second a more sinister senior. The story is unsettling from the start as a one-armed Grandfather receives a letter from a mystery deliverer is forced to regresses back to his childhood. Jack Garron as a child discovers he has been adopted and after secret correspondence with his father he decides to leave home with the fiddle (his only connection as both play) to travel to Chicago to finally meet with him. Jack is quickly taught that dangers of the wider world when narrowly escapes the attentions of a fellow stowaway of a travelling freight train.
Meanwhile, in another part of the country, a Mr Porter of General Electric adopts an unwanted child to offer him an ‘apprenticeship’. However, the journey alone, with the talk of ‘appearance’ and how ‘looks aren’t everything’, alongside the threatening description of his ‘sharp’ teeth hidden behind his dentures set the nightmarish and unnerving tone that follows. Once at an abandoned apartment, the young child is forced to connect live power wires with the threat of electrocution on error. However, the comics final page shows that this would be an easy death compared to the truly frightening & transformed Mr Porter… What an ending, warning this comic will disturb some readers. Especially as a child was the chosen victim.
#2 continues with Jack on the freight train, knowing his belongings are with the passed out ‘train police’ who tried to throw him off previously. Undeterred, Jack sneaks back into the carriage and through the assistance of his new companion (who is revealed as a girl who dresses as a boy due to the dangers towards her gender) manages to retrieve his belongings.
There is quick interlude to 100 miles away where the cannibalised remains of the orphan has been found and left hanging from meat hooks.
Meanwhile, Jack & Sam proceed to the theatre for Jacks big moment only to discover his father has moved on to Mississippi, a deflated Jack agree to use his playing skills to raise money for the train with Sam’s management help.
All seems well until Mr Porter overhears the two from the Shadows, then ‘consumes’ the identity of local phonograph dealer Alan Fisher’ the final page once again provides a darkened insight into ‘Alans’ tattoos and persona.


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