IDW Reviews (Comic Blog #3c)

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Art, comics, Horror, Religion
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30 Days of Night #1 – was an essential addition to my subscription list as I was first introduced to Steve Niles via his previous work, ‘Criminal Maccabre’. What initially struck me was the paper quality used by IDW, that immediately made me want to invest my time in reading it.
The first edition focuses on an apparent outsider Alice Blood who is searching for contact with vampires via her website ‘Desperately Seeking Vampire’. Meanwhile, unbeknown to Alice, a revolution between the vampire ‘elders’ and the new breed is brewing. Alice is oblivious to the apparent truths she is searching for. The stories cliffhanger finishes after yet another ‘hoax’ conversation, Alice is exposed to a real attack before a surprise of her own is revealed.
Sam Keith’s artwork matches Nile’s vision perfectly. Keith’s textured artwork enforces a dark impending tone and atmosphere, which partners the dangerous scenario Alice is bound to become unwittingly merged with. Keith builds the tension perfectly with the irregular panels that ensure your eyes jump from scene to scene effortlessly.
Rating is harder for a #1, but it provided all I had hoped for with a little extra. Therefore, a strong 4/5

Monocyte #1 – Is easily the darkest and most visually stunning comic that I have seen recently, and similar to my previous comments, the paper quality used enhances all of Menton3’s and Kasra Ghanbari’s creation.
We are introduced to a brutalised and baron world, destroyed by two immortal races ‘The Olignostics’ & ‘Antedeluvians’. The comic opens with Death releasing the slumbering necromancer ‘Monocyte’ to end the destructive rein of the immortals and bring restoration back to the once prosperous planet.
Menton3’s artwork is mind-blowing, with no two pages similar. Each panel and illustration could easily be sold as a print, such is the works quality. There are clear influences from H.R Geiger, and to some extent Hellraiser, with the immortals appearing as a hybrid of the two. This might only be a four-part mini series, however I already plan to track down and buy more of Menton3’s work.
Rating is an outstanding 5/5


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