DC52 Week Two Reviews (Comic Blog #3b)

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Art, Cinema, comics, DC Comics
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Demon Knights #2 – This has been the surprise hit of my five DC52 choices. Written by Paul Cornell, I only added this comic as initially the cover really sold me.
The comic is totally different to any of DC’s other offerings, with the story focussing on the Fall of Camelot four centuries previous. Merlin bounds the mythical demon Etrigan to a young and brave Jason Blood. Alongside the female Shining Knight, a fellow immortal Xandadu, not forgetting the battle ready Vandal Savage become embroiled in the Questing Queens and her sorcerer Mordru’s quest to reach Alba Sarum.
What makes this title such a hit is the continual humour between characters, which has made this the most fun of all my picks. Xanadu is in a relationship with Jason & Etrigan with both believing she is humoring their rival merged forms. The comic flows perfectly, while the addition of various dragons only adds to the adventure. If the first two editions are anything to go by, I think the reader will be in for an epic ride. Rating is a full on roller coaster of adventure 4/5

Deadman #2 – This was the weakest of my DC52 purchases. If I had not known that Deadman was only a six part mini series, I might have stopped after the first comic.
Although the conversations between characters are still more drawn out then required, Boston Brand (aka Deadman) takes a turn for the better. The first comic portrays Deadman as a weak and pitiful character, forced to jump from soul to soul affecting the chosen humans life path. The second instalment shows Brand trying to take control of his destiny after his distrust for the deity known as Rama Kushna who has been his souls tormentor. By ‘club hopping’ souls, he manages to fight past various vampire, lycanth & undead forms to force his way into the originally ‘rumoured lower levels’ of the Moonstone club to the library. Here he overpowers a fallen angel known as the ‘Librarian’ to reveal the book containing his ‘life’s’ fate… Which is of course the closing of the comic.
Bernard Changes illustrations don’t help Paul Jenkins already struggling story. The art is very static, which doesn’t allow the comic to flow and can make it hard to read through. Rating disappointed but still hopeful 3/5

Batman #2 – The crown jewel of the 52 relaunch. Somehow, Scott Snyder is able to suppress the already greatness bound Swamp Thing.  The story continues with rumour of the mysterious ‘Court of Owls’, who has declared they will kill Bruce Wayne within 24 hours. The comic has an epic beginning with Wayne thrown through the top of the Waynes Tower observation deck window plummeting to the earth by the hands of an ‘Owl’ assassin.
Story aside what sets Snyder’s Batman compared to the others available is how he describes Gotham. Gotham is more than a city, it’s a living entity feeding of fear which intensifies the need for Batman. Snyder is able to control the pace perfectly, blending details with action with no panel seeming excessive of short of meaning. A great example of this is the description of the original Wayne Tower and the twelve ‘guardians’ on various levels (although a thirteenth is revealed), each has it’s own significance… Much like every panel.
A special notes has to go to Greg Capullo’s artwork which is simply divine. Whether its double page spreads of the Bat cave or the tiny ‘Batman’ logo blended onto the sole of his boot in episode one. It’s surprising this is only the second edition when the both creators are so aligned. Rating an easy 5/5


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