DC52 Week Two Reviews (Comic Blog #3a)

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Cinema, DC Comics, Horror, Social, Uncategorized
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What a treat to come into the office after a long weekend, and be presented with three unopened hard boarded envelopes. At last, week two of DC’s ‘New 52’ alongside my other pre-subscribed comics.

This might be longer than my previous comic rambles, however I wanted to run through and review my recent arrivals. Due to the number of comics received, I will split these into four more manageable parts (a,b,c,d), with the first two purely a DC focus and the second pair focussing on IDW and independants. Baring any feedback, I think I will change the structure moving forward to include a sole review of my favourite comic from each dispatch.

First up,

Swamp Thing #2 – Where do I start? Scott Synder alongside Yanick Paquettes exquisite art, have created one of the most intriguing comics of the relaunch. I had no connection with the character leading into this series as I had not read any Swamp Thing previous. However I have immediately been drawn into Alec Hollands anguish of fighting his memories of a time he was infact the creature in question, controlled by the Green. The second comic of the series starts more text heavy than the first, however this is essential and seamless as we are informed of Alec’s almost pre-determined destiny alongside the pending danger that awaits. 
Once the double spread is reached, Paquettes art has more room to shine, while the pace of the comic dramatically shifts as Alec’s foreseen danger is seen with the disturbing and zombie like attackers (who’s heads have been twisted to face backwards), before a clinical teaser at the finale leaves you looking at the calendar for the next release. Rating a strong 4/5

Animal Man #2 – If Snyder is the ‘man of the moment’, the AM’s Jeff Lemire can’t be far behind. Lemire wastes no time in throwing the reader into Buddy Bakers conflict of being a super hero with animal powers, and being a loving husband and father of two. We are immediately shown that his daughter Maxine not only has a stronger power than his, but she is still to understand or control them. Meanwhile, Buddy has also started his own frightening transformation, which he and Maxine use as a guide to find and emerge themselves in ‘The Red’. Our final pages serve as an introduction to ‘The Hunters Three’ who after transforming back into human form are gruesomely  ready ‘to hunt’. 
Animal Man wouldn’t be the same without Travel Foreman’s art. As you might be able to see in the picture at the top, Foreman’s style is a lot more raw and challenging to view compared to some of the other comics reviewed, however demanding the readers full attention suits Lemire’s writing style. Personally, I can wait to see what direction this story moves towards. Rating 5/5


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