A Zombie & Comic filled weekend

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Brick Lane, comics, East London, Horror, LOndon, Social, Uncategorized, Zombies
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Wow… is the only word I can use to describe the recent 2.8hours London event. A zombie apocalypse has hit London and our group of six have to scour the streets looking for fellow survivors who provide co-ordinates for the next location and a step closer to safety.
Sounds simple I know, however I forgot to mention that meanwhile we are being hunted down by zombies (and fast ones at that!!). Final co-ordinates sent us sent us to the bar where the infected are made up and taunted by the living. The evening is a complete adrenaline rush, hiding in car parks, abandoned pubs to dodging zombies under railway arches. Most definitely a date in next years diary.

From a speed rush, to a quieter alternative.

It’s not the norm that I feel under dressed, however, queuing to get into Comic Con isn’t the norm. The range of costumes is really something you need to see to believe.There is a mix of classic characters (Batman’s & Star Wars to the more modern anime and Dr Who’s.)
I Was a little late and didn’t make it until Sunday morning, however I still managed to pick up a few little bargains including some backdated editions of Chew. The Con is more than just comic books, they have the latest computer games, memorabilia and artists ready for questions and to provide sketches if you are willing to pay. 
Although I didn’t have as much time as I had hoped, I recommend going for the atmosphere and the variety of costumes. As with above, I will be back next year and giving it the time it deserves.


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