What’s the best way to read your comics? (Comic Blog #2)

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Art, comics, DC Comics, Digital, East London
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I previously mentioned the continued debate between print and digital when consuming media.

I work for an international publication, and sell advertising across print and digital. Part of my role is re-enforcing the value of print against online alternatives. Journalism I believe falls into this argument from a different perspective, due to the often ‘throw away’ nature of its content, compared to a more ‘collective’ consumer of comics.

Comics are in the same predicament though, with tablets and mobile providing alternative platforms to consume. All the major comic publishers have their own apps, while ComiXology is leading the way as their users can read any publisher in the one location.

I downloaded the app and was instantly surprised by the amazing detail and depth of colour they provide. In addition they also have the advantage of storage issues. Thousands of comics can be kept on one tablet as opposed to having a wardrobe or garage full of boxes.

I’m not sentimental, however I believe there is a huge difference between buying a comic in print and downloading the same version. The speed of delivery when digital of course is an instant advantage compared to waiting for postage of visiting your local comic store.

Despite the above advantages, for me part of the fun of collecting them is the wait for the comic to arrive or visiting your local comic shop. Secondary to that, is softly removing the tape off the casing and gently handling the comic while studying each panel of animation and story.

I am talking on behalf of the audience who choose to keep and collect them after reading, which is an area where digital can’t compete. It doesn’t have the soul of print, the smell or feel on your fingers. More importantly I believe you can’t take the content in as deeply when reading on-screen. The attention required to involve yourself with the story and characters just isn’t the same.

I believe there is a place for digital and it provides a great opportunity to try new stories at a discounted rate, which is something I have done on many occasions.

While I am more than happy to consume my ‘throw away media’ electronically, Only ‘old fashioned’ paper will do when reading my Batman and other comics.


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