When comics lead the way! (Comic Blog #1)

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Brick Lane, comics, East London
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I did have a few things in mind for last week that I planned to write about. Although with the weather as warm as it was, I got lazy and spent most of my time sitting in the park.

However, this did provide an opportunity to read through some of the comics that I had recently purchased. Now when I say comics, I’m not talking of the Dandy & Beano’s of the past. DC Comics, who are responsible for characters such as Superman, Batman, Justice League etc have just released 52 comics starting at #1 again.

I write this for two reasons, the first I will cover in more detail later and focuses on how we now choose to consume media and what are the benefits/issues of digital versus print.

The comic industry has been in decline for over a decade. This can be attributed to various factors from improved game consoles, internet and… I believe they simply went out of fashion and people’s view on them have lowered.

This move from DC could be a masterstroke and could be what saves the industry. I think DC should be applauded for the confidence they have shown in their own characters. It was a huge gamble and financial investment for them to hire industry leading authors and illustrators such a Scott Snyder, Yanick Paquette, Greg Capullo & Jeff Lemire. This must have been an expensive move, especially with Marvel Comics snapping at their heals and questioning their every move & release.

Initial sales for the #1 issues are currently higher than expected with several titles already on their second and third prints. The reason I mention they ‘were brave’ with this move is that the ‘re-launch’ was the catalyst for me buying comics again after a 10 year break. Additionally I have also added new comics from Marvel, Dark Horse, Top Cow & IDW.

After listening to podcasts and reading forums on the industry it would appear that I’m not the only one that has done the same. It’s an important time for the industry as it is vital sales continue with second, third & forth issues etc. However, it is an exciting time for the industry and I personally am looking forward to being a part of the journey.

At a time where so many industries are in financial trouble, I wonder how many should be considering a move from their comfort zones and being more aggressive within their current & potential markets?


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