Social Commentary & Spirituality

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Art, Brick Lane, East London, LOndon, Social, Spiritualism
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This weeks post is different to the usual updates.

I started a social experiment although I am not sure what, if any response I may get. I recently read ‘The True Dynamics of Life’ by Mike Richards, and it actually made a positive impact on how I act, think and treat people. I’ve never been into spiritual books and I haven’t read one with such impact since , however it ‘inspired’ the following event.

I am keen to see if I can gain any responses, and to see if I can start some dialogue via Twitter. For this to work, I am totally reliant on outside participation so there is a chance that I will not mention this again due to lack of involvement.

I will leave a copy of the book in an environment where I believe it will be found by someone who will at least open the cover and read the proposal to take part, rather than just throw it away. Within the front cover will be my Twitter account and #ECRBook that I hope people will interact with. I also hope people will leave their details inside the cover for others to follow if they wish.

More important will be a request for the finder to read a chapter of the book and to write any commentary they may have on the pages. Once completed I would like them to forward the book to someone they know to continue the process, or to leave somewhere they think will be suitable for a new owner to find. My last request will be to ask that they email through their thoughts on what they have read, and with their permission I will publish it on the blog.

My perfect scenario would be for the person who completes the last chapter to let me know and forward the book back to me (I will of course cover p&p). If I gain any type of interaction, then I will purchase another copy of the book and leave in a different part of London to see if that affects the responses.

I want to highlight that this is not a promotion for the book, and genuine negative comments are equally welcome alongside anything positive.

Watch this space, and I will keep you updated on any developments.


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