Zombies & The ICA

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Cinema, East London, Horror, LOndon
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I haven’t been to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) for a while, however I always leave wondering why I take so long between visits.

The ICA is under threat which is a real shame as it provides a platform for contemporary artists to promote their work. An example of this would be the Ford brothers who premiered their zombie movie ‘The Dead’. The movie follows a standard format of zombies looking for victims etc. What made this film a little different was that is was set in South Africa, and the writers made sure that they filmed in locations not seen on film before.

The villages and villagers were all real and I think that helped elevate the performances. I am a real fan of the genre, however the movie didn’t really stand out, took itself a little to serious and the ending seemed a little too Americanised. However having the opportunity to watch the movie in a 40 seat cinema with the two brothers ready for a Q&A added to the experience.

The night finished with one of the ICA’s burgers, which is only £9 with a beer if you keep your ticket. The bar itself is really chilled, although there was one or two too many trying to hard to look ‘chic’.

I now have them on my Twitter feed so I don’t miss anymore upcoming events, I recommend you do the same.


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