How a Sunday should be

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

The day didn’t start that well due to what can only be described as the now obligatory ‘Sunday hangover’

I was presented with two options, fester in my self-pity or make the most of a beautiful day… Fortunately I decided to go with the latter, got on my bike and out I went.

The first stop was to the Supplement Gallery in Bethnal Green, which was a converted apartment that you would not even notice passing by it. The work itself was a video installation, focusing on light dynamics. 

Once the viewing was finished, I cut through Broadway Market and then down to the river. It’s a great ride when the weather is good, watching the locks in use as the ducks & ducklings swim by. I carried along until I got to Angel, after all that riding it was time for some food.

I found a bar called The Duke of Cambridge which specialises in organic food and drink. I could see lots of bikes outside so I locked mine up and went in. I decided to go for the Roast Chicken, and a glass of organic lemonade. It is a little pricey, but its well worth the money. It was really refreshing to find a new bar outside of my usual route and definitely one that I will go back to soon.

I hope the weather keeps up as there are plenty more routes and bars to discover.


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