French Road Trip for Wedding & Wine

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Art, East London, France, Road Trip, Weddings
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What do you mean the tickets are booked for the 18th? That’s next week? Not the best start to the weekend, the ferry has been booked for a week in advance. A quick payment, and a couple of hours on the water & we arrive at Calais. SatNav set and we are on our way to Reinnes.

We decided to go on a four-day road trip to Dijon for a friend’s wedding. This (as was stated a few weeks ago), will be my first wedding and European driving tour and I have looked forward to both.

Our first stop was the ‘Chambres dhotes en Bourgogne’ in Puits, and I was not disappointed with what I saw. The house and grounds were beautiful, original features with stone walls and flooring. Our room was a converted loft with the original support beams still in view. We managed to eat at a local restaurant (got called the Edge from U2) and finished the meal with  nice bottle of local red.

The day of the wedding started with a quick swim in the ‘not so warm pool’, continental breakfast and directions that even we couldn’t get wrong. Before we made our way to the wedding, we went to the Fontenay Abbey which is one of the oldest cistercian abbeys and formed in 1098 (history lesson over). The ceremony itself was perfect and the bride & groom looked stunning. The vowels were exchanged in the village of Étang-sur-Arroux in Bourgogne. The reception was at Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray high in the hills with a picturesque landscape. The party continued through the night and I dragged myself back to my room at sunrise.

Saturday started with a fuzzy head and a tasty breakfast. There was only one way to wash away the cobwebs and that was a swim in the local lake. Although the water was shallow, it was a refreshing start to the before a drive to Ployez Jacquemart was started in the champagne region of Ludes. The hosts recommended a restaurant which was surprisingly located in an industrial estate. Despite this the food was good and after having been in the car for over four hours, anything would have sufficed.

Sunday arrived and we were ready to head back to Calais. Our journey had one last stop when we drove to vineyard of Champagne Gobillard to purchase a few bottles of their Prestige champagne. As a bonus the vineyard was also near the church where Dom Perignon was buried. Car stocked and the journey home began.

This was a longer post than usual so I think it’s time to say au revoir.

  1. travelingmad says:

    Sounds like a fun trip. Champagne is great 🙂

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