Movie Madness

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Art, Cinema, LOndon, Movies
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03.15 on Sunday morning, our cinema has closed for the evening and its time to find a night bus home.

When I say cinema I am talking about Film4’s movie week at Somerset House. I was there for their first triple bill of movies which consisted of Gremlins, a UK premier of Troll Hunter and to finish the evening the 90’s classic Tremors.

Starting a little earlier in the day, food was being cooked and the blankets & pillows were getting packed. If you are not familiar with how the night works, it is essentially a large-scale picnic with a giant outdoor screen.

We arrived at 19.00 with our food, wine and found ourselves a spot with plenty of room, a great view and we were ready to watch. There is a slight disadvantage to sitting outside in the courtyard. Initially there is only a small cushion between you and the concrete and the second is when it starts to rain. Fortunately, we only had two light showers which didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits.

21.20 came and Gremlins began. I had forgotten what a classic movie it was. Gizmo is clearly the star of the show, with Spike proving his evil nemesis. Second up was the Norwegian Troll Hunter. Filmed with a similar hand-held camera style to Blair Witch, it follows a group of over eager film makers who follow a hunter tired of the hunts & conspiracies. The troll effects were good, and the Norwegian folklore references were subtle, the movie was a little disappointing. However the mountain & woodland scenes are breathtaking. The evening’s finale was Tremors. There isn’t much that needs to be said about this classic. Kevin Bacon, giant flesh-eating worms, hammy ‘B movie’ acting and a perfect end to the night.

It was a big effort to sit through them all, and we lost two of our friends in the process, however I think 2 movies was enough. Over 60% of the crowd had left to get last trains etc.

See you there next year, and remember your extra blankets!


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