Iron Maiden’s Gonna Get You

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Art, Gigs, LOndon, Tattoo
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Two hours on the train followed by another two and a half in the car on the M40, and I’m now back in London. I have just returned from 2 nights in Birmingham for the Iron Maiden gig at the NIA.

It started well on Saturday as the four of us actually made a move on schedule and avoided any traffic. SatNav was set and we arrived in great spirit on Church Lane, however we then discovered it might have been the wrong Church Lane as the road we were on got smaller and became a dead-end.

Slight diversion aside we eventually arrived at Church Lane Accommodation, dropped our bags and headed off to the local pub. Solihull was an interesting place, I can’t say that we were looking for The Ritz out there however when your mate slips on washed up blood in a toilet you know it’s time to head back into the main city.

The second day we got our gig tickets and headed down to Birmingham city centre. I will save you the details on what was drunk through the day and evening but if I admitted I lost my iPhone than that should help give an idea.

A short walk to the NIA and the butterflies were already in motion. The band have been in full flow since the seventies, however they are still sending out great albums and filling venues all over the world. Their strength is the sense of drama they provide not only in their music & videos but their live performances. A couple of hours later we left, a lot more sweaty and hotter than when we had entered. After a few more beers we were ready to crash back at the B&B.

Birmingham isn’t my first choice of location (for anything), but with my ears still ringing I was glad I made the journey from London.

I would have added a picture… however like I mentioned about the iphone, it’s only a memory now.


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