Wedding Bliss

Posted: July 24, 2011 in East London, LOndon, Uncategorized, Weddings
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This weekend I had a short train journey to New Cross Gate to attend my first wedding reception (I found out it is unusual not to have attended one before).

Both the bride & groom are teachers and the reception was held at the school where they work. Their personalities were evident throughout the evening, and it showed that extravagant expenses aren’t always required for an amazing night.

I arrived in time for the Best Man’s speech, which was a little risqué to say the least. References to parental beatings and pubic hair split the crowd slightly, but either way it was funny and got everyone ready for the band and a dance.

The first performer was actually a busker in Camden who they asked to perform which he did perfectly, playing many ‘rock and roll’ classics. He was followed by some of their pupils (sixth formers), who then took to the stage and got everyone jumping around with some excellent Ska songs.

They also had a hidden gem in corner by the stage, a photo booth machine. The booth prints two copies of the pictures, one for us to keep and the second that was put into a wedding book where we also could add comments and ‘well wishes’. 

The night finished with a couple of their friends DJing under the name of ‘Prawn Cocktail’, the music didn’t suit all tastes, however by that time most were too drunk to care and the handmade ‘prawn’ costume was worth sticking around for alone.

It was a brilliant night, the bride looked amazing and if all weddings are like I will certainly be crashing a few moving forward.


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