Red Bull Gives You Art?

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Art, Brick Lane, East London, Uncategorized
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The morning after the night before and I’m still slightly wired from the countless Vodka Red Bulls downed at the Red Bull Studio on Tooley Street.

I was there as part of the ‘Factory Project’ evening which combined street art, installation and video pieces which clearly fit into the confines of ‘Pop Art’.

Besides the free bar (which I am regretting this morning),  there was a real a buzz inside the venue (highlighted by the minimum 25+ people queuing outside to get in). I however, was fortunate enough to have a guest pass in advance and stroll straight through.

I was only interested in the prints, which were as I expected them to be. Bright, modern & visual although lacking any real substance or meaning. Images of Lilly Allen, Travis Bikle from Taxi Driver & Patrick Bateman from American Psycho as always easy on the eye.

The bonus for me was watching the crowd that had also arrived that night. There is always interesting mix of people to speak with and view. I think the highlight was talking with a self-proclaimed ‘Art Qaeda’ who bragged of stealing Banksy pieces and altering mainstream work to viewing someone who clearly put so much effort into his outfit that he forgot to wear his socks & shoes. 

Being in that environment did raise a questions between myself and a friends that attended.  I often get told I’m in danger of becoming a ‘Brick Lane Zombie’, however that bubble of fashion was fully evident. Our question related to whether the style is natural to them, or something they feel is necessary to be accepted within the scene? Also, how high are the levels of self-awareness?

I wonder if they would be as comfortable walking down Brick Lane in track suit bottoms and tatty trainers?

Either way, you could find such an eclectic mix of people anywhere else!


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