This week has been a busy and I think the update highlights that a bit, it’s a little more general than some of my earlier posts. However, it will make sure that I follow-up in more detail over the next few weeks.

Work wise, I had the fortune of attending an industry awards ceremony, at the Park Lane ‘Hilton’. I appreciate these events often have a bad perception, the attendees downing Champagn all night, blowing expense budgets in one go etc. Although there was a great meal and early drinks provided, it is important to consider they are providing recognition to the industries best practised companies which can only be beneficial to the market by continually pushing up the standards required.

Secondly the new season started for the works ‘Touch Rugby’ team. We continued as we finished last season, getting beaten rather comprehensively. Regardless of the score, for me it’s much more of a social opportunity to be with work mates and not have too much ‘shop talk’ (although I would not dare admit that to a few of them).

I realised that I have not really discussed Hoxton which is just around the corner for me. I thought I would Sunday for a quick walk through and providing a few paragraphs about the area.

However, walking through and spending a little time there, I realised that actually my favourite restaurant is there which deserves a special mention (if I have not previously), more about the night life to which I will incorporate Old & Great Eastern Street (I will force myself to visit bars at each of the locations just for you all).

Next week I will make I get out a bit more and find something ‘extra’ to include. As always, any suggestions you may have for me to cover, then be sure to let me know.


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