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Posted: June 26, 2011 in Boxing, East London, LOndon
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Boxing is headline news at the moment, with the upcoming Haye vs Klitschko fight taking the lions share of the headlines.

I mention this as I have just returned from my boxing class at the brilliant ‘Left Hook’ gym in Shadwell. It’s not an area in the East I usually visit, however it’s a great find and well worth the short bike ride to get there.

When I mention going to a class, people’s first response is to assume a room full of muscle heads beating each other senseless. This perception could not be further from the truth. As their website highlights, the hour and a half classes are aimed for both sexes and all levels of fitness (however after not attending for a couple of months, a certain level of fitness is clearly required as I had to sit out one of the sessions and recover).

Left Hook was co-founded by Enzo Giordano, who can often be seen manning the reception and helping out with one to one training. The sessions themselves start with a 30 minute warm up, and an ongoing combination of  cardio and strength exercises. The gym doesn’t have the best ventilation so the sweat is usually flowing.

Then onto the ‘killer’ circuit, which consists of bag work, shadow boxing, skipping and sparing in their boxing ring. I’m not going to lie, there is contact (no head shots), and you leave a little sore but the buzz of actually throwing punches (surprisingly also taking a few) is something to experience. Although each exercise only lasts 3 minutes, they can be the longest 3 minutes you could imagine.

Once the circuit is complete, don’t think it all ends there, another round of press & sit ups, squats, star jumps and a few other forms of torture followed with a quick stretch and then you are free to go.

I must have a sick sense of pleasure in pain as I can’t wait to get back.

Don’t like my blog? Let’s discuss it in the ring!


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