Rat Race to the Good Life

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have to admit that this week has been a quiet one in terms of attending events or galleries.

I started a new role at work this week (hopefully another step up the corporate ladder), and that has taken most of my focus. I know this may not be relevant to my East End reviews, however I also stated that I’m racing along the ‘Rat Race’, and my job allows me to get out and make the most of my spare time.

Despite the rain today, I wanted to get out on a bike ride and riding in wet is always fun.

I got my iPhone ready and thought I would go for a journey via Columbia Road. Monday to Saturday you can easily walk through it with little knowledge of doing so. Although, there are a few little independent shops and notably the ‘Nelly Duff’ gallery (which I am due to visit again shortly).

Sunday is when the road really ‘comes alive’. If you have been near Brick Lane on a Sunday, then you will have to be blind to not see at least one person with some fresh flowers or some type of plant.

Back to the market, it’s only part of the road, however there is stall after stall of traders. Everything from flowers, to trees, herbs, fruit & veg. It’s the atmosphere that really gives it its character. Although each stall is next to each other, take a few steps and a new voice can be heard shouting what deals are available.

I left with a few peppers, chilli’s and parsley as I only have a small ‘Grow Bag’, and although I’m not quite ready for a ‘Good Life’ overhaul of my life, I look forward to receiving the ‘fruits’ of my labour.

Right, time to get my hands dirty!


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