Something a little Darker

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Art, Gigs, Uncategorized
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If last weeks activities were planned a little late, there was no doubt this time as I have looked forward to Chris Cunningham at the Roundhouse for over a week.

Since the closure of the Astoria in the West End, the Roundhouse is quickly becoming my favourite venue. The roof terrace is great with the sun out and the giant BBQ on the go, inside the decor is bettered by none.

Back to Cunningham. Everything he does is visually stunning. From his commercial adverts, award-winning music videos, to his darker work alongside Aphex Twin. His masterpiece however has to be ‘Rubber Johnny’ (as shown above).

When performed live, the experience can be close to mind-blowing. Three large screens provide challenging and sometimes disturbing visuals. Cunningham veers towards darker drum & bass with techno influence. Rather than a ‘rave’ the crowd all seemed to be fixed in a trance like state trying to regain their senses and take all of what Cunningham threw out at them.

Speaking with a few people before the gig, it was surprising to find how many of them was not familiar with his live performances and were there on reputation alone. I can confidently say that 5 minutes into the show, very few will be forgetting it.

It’s hard to describe the intensity, the perfectly timed strobe lighting, the ‘in your face’ & at times brutal visuals or the strength of the bass. Although they will not do the show justice, I have posted a few pics from the night on Twitter and would be happy to provide a few more if required.

No funny quip to finish, my head is still a little frazzled.


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