This week bought up an interesting issue that I hadn’t (rather naively) considered beforehand. What would happen if I was away for the majority of the week & weekend?

Well, it happened this week, my initial thoughts were to skip a week’s post and just reread of some of my earlier notes to see how they had come along. With that I noticed that my first blog sold the praise of the local street art on show, however I never really followed up on this with an up to date report.

Therefore, a quick change of plans and a mini report, about a short hunt to go find some pieces of work. First off Middlesex Street just in time to see the stalls of Petticoat Lane Market closing up, and the great ‘in your face’ piece by Ben Eine. Then it was time to cut back via Spitalfields Market to a favoured Redchurch Street to see a large piece by Roa, and different styles sprayed around that always bring a smile to my face.

My final and most memorable location of the day was Pure Evil’s gallery on Leonard Street, a quick turn from Old Street to see the opening of Isaac Cordal’s solo exhibition.

I didn’t find the it particularly original however there was charm in the work. The small stone figurines carefully placed around the gallery, while background photos & video provided a greater interaction for effect were interesting and sometimes fun to view, the work itself didn’t really engage me and my eye soon found something far more interesting, a silver print by my favourite underground artist Jacob Bannon.

I have been a fan of Bannon’s for nearly 10 years and I have already purchased two of his prints. If you are not familiar with the artist he also the frontman for the band ‘Converge’ who still can’t really be pigeonholed into a particular genre while heading up the brutal and awesome record label ‘Deathwish Inc’.

Other than the thought of adding a new print to my collection, what really made it a memorable visit was the opportunity to speak with the galleries owner ‘Pure Evil’, not only about Bannons work but also some of his own future pieces. I also own a Pure Evil print, so having a great first meeting with him has pleased me further. I also have more appreciation for his work after talking with him.

I’m off to look for enough pennies to buy that print!


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