My Favourite Hideaway

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Brick Lane, East London
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Writing this week with a beer in hand…

Sitting in my favourite pub The Carpenters Arms which is simply referred to as ‘The Carps’, reading Ed Glinerts excellent and very objective ‘East End Chronicles’. A detailed insight into how the East has evolved over the previous 300 years.

Once the friendly chit-chat with landlords was complete, it was time to work through those last fifty or so pages. Ironically, a few pages in and Freddie Foreman an ex Krays henchman was covered at this very location back in his ‘hey-day’. Freddie shot and killed an associate who was sitting outside enjoying some food (adds more punch to the phrase ‘the chips are to die for!’). With the knowledge that the Krays ran this pub, a blog was born.

Now back to The Carps. The reason I love it here is that it is still a good old-fashioned pub, with a great vibe and mix of people. My flat mate still has fond memories of when it was more a quieter locals only pub, but I don’t mind the odd stragglers who pass it by chance and decide to stay for one… or five! I think it adds to the pubs unique character. It’s hidden bar garden provides another excuse to kill a few hours with friends and talk meaningful nonsense. 

The final selling point for me is the freshly & seasonal food, most specifically the Cottage Pie, which always makes me think of home (although it never tasted as good then).

Now, only a few more pages to go, time for another beer now so I will have to catch up with you later.

Off to find 178 Valance Road, but you will have to look that one up.


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