An Arty East End Weekend

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Art, Brick Lane, East London, Tattoo
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I hadn’t held much hope of the recent good weather continuing, so I thought I would take advantage and visit a few of the local galleries within walking distance of E2.

First stop was part of the ‘First Thursday’s event on Vyner Street, to view Ulrika Andersson’s solo exhibition ‘Where I Interject’ at Gallery. The Artists work was paint on canvas focusing on a female protagonist and the process of creating a piece of work itself. My personal highlights were how she captured the physical form of the protagonist whilst capturing the emotions involved with the creative process. During the time that I was there, it was clear that there was great interest in the artist and judging by the steady flow of viewers, I’m sure she will be one to keep an eye on.

Sunday and time for a different type of exhibition. This time another gallery I havent been to before, the ‘Aubin Gallery’ on Redchurch Street. It has a great location and shares the same building as a small independent clothing shop & a single screen cinema.

James Howard’s ‘Authorised’ contain digital prints and focus on ‘the impact of todays communication technologies’. There is a danger of information and visual overloads as we are bombarded with offers, promotions, spam etc. The work combines different images that he has received online and creates pieces of social commentary based on the artists observations.

Brick Lane was as busy as expected on a Sunday so I only had a quick look in Brick Lane & East galleries (both of which are also free). I didn’t have enough time to really spend much time there so I haven’t written about what was on show.

This weekend has been a great opportunity to go and visit one of the many galleries within a fifteen minute walk from first to last. I really recommend spending some time to support ‘up and coming’ artists, as I would like to think you will enjoy some of the work as well.


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