When a Tattoo goes a Little Deeper

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Art, Brick Lane, East London, Tattoo, Uncategorized
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This update was going to focus more on my passion for getting tattoos, and the history behind them and not a direct East reference. However my recent experience while looking for a new local studio has changed the posts direction (sorry).

Although I name drop locations, I try to not to show any preference or bias to promote (although I’m always open for a bit of placement bribery). I nevertheless have to name drop my chosen studio ‘No Limit Tattoo’ on Bacon Street. Taking a step back now, I will explain how I actually got there in the first place.

I visited a newly opened & excellently designed studio on Bethnal Green Road, although for me at least, that’s where the shine ended as I was disappointed with my experience there. I was greeted by what I believe to be a rather rude dismissive consultation with an initial high & adding more salt to the wound.

A quick retreat & Google search later (ohh the irony from an earlier post), and I was on my way via a quick walk to No Limit Tattoo where I was greeted by Marie, one of the co owners. We talked over the design and ideas on how to make it a little better with money not being mentioned until the free designs were provided.

Once the price and time was confirmed I returned ready to get some ink! The whole process was as perfect as & I could have hoped for when trusting someone new. A clean, sterile room & equipment, great music in the background and a friendly but not too intrusive tattooist. Two hours later I was the proud owner of yet another tattoo for the collection.

The point of this ramble is that despite the hustle bustle of Brick Lane and the revolving door of tourists happy to pay any rate advertised for a reminder of their London visit, real service stands tall. Although located slightly away from tourist central, it has a real ‘under dog’ determination to succeed. Please don’t let take anything away from the hard work and talent available… more importantly the quality of their work speaks for itself.

For me, this underlines what I love about living here. The people always throw out the odd surprise.

That’s my pitch like blog done for the week, now where’s
my nappy rash cream?


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