Social Media, that different to Social Living?

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Just back from a social media conference at Olympia. It got me thinking about the similarities of social media and the social scene, Hoxton & Brick Lane initially coming to mind.

Both environments thrive and succeed via linked integration & engagement while appearing ‘exclusive’ unless you have learnt the ground rules or been accepted.

The starting process can present the first banana skin to the outsider trying to get involved. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, My Cube…. (and the list continues), can be comparable to walking into a small trendy bar full of patrons who have spent more time on deciding what shoes to wear than you have on your whole outfit. The same initial concern of ‘how do I fit into this’ can arise.

However in both circumstances, take a step back and think what it is you actually want to achieve from that form of engagement, and more importantly, what do you have to offer?Where has the need to ‘fit in’ with either groups arisen from? Through these groups we create a brand or image, however once it ‘goes public’ we lose all control of external perception anyway.  

I waste many an hour on digital platforms, indirectly communicating strangers that I would never think of speaking with in person, while also drinking in bars where the commentators may actually be sending their tweets from. However I choose not to engage with them directly.

Does this make me a geek, anti social or afraid to step out of my comfort zone? I can honestly say neither. I am at the point where I am happy to simply enjoy a couple of beers (too many). Although I love being surrounded by the various crowds and not really fitting in, sometimes the enjoyment sitting back and simplicity of not getting involved.

Right, now is it time for a virtual coffee or a trip to the vintage store?


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