Another East End Zombie?

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Now before I really get started I confess, although I live in the East and love all its character, I am also part of the commercial ‘rat race’. Don’t judge me too soon, see me stroll through East on a weekday, and you would not recognise on the weekend.
Historically local snobbery might have played a part, but actually ‘love it or hate it’ both communities now converge daily. Pass the Golden Heart or Ten Bells after work and both groups will be jostling outside with a pint looking for the best spot to have their smoke (you can guess who has the roll ups), or later in the night when both are queuing for a burger outside Café 1001.

Further proof of these different cultures combining is highlighted when walking past the back of Brick Lane Market, and being confronted by the new and grandeur ‘Google Search’ poster hanging proudly. Is this now the future of ‘the lane’ and all things East? If so, is this actually a bad thing?

For the more concerned reader there is a great opportunity to look past this, and search out some of the more unique features available. A three-minute walk from the centre towards Bethnal Green Road showcases other displays of interest.
Street graffiti from Pure Evil & Sweet Toof, with their eye-catching & unusual subject choice show the underbelly of the East’s ‘grass routes’. Creating an insight into the areas influx of creativity that has transformed a once desolated and broken post code into London’s ‘new place to be’.

Here we have something that no other part of the capital can offer, we create the trends that are copied elsewhere, we have the pop up galleries that attract the crowds, but more importantly the secret ‘invite only’ events, and a variety of bars/clubs & warehouse parties to suit all tastes from full on raves to chilled out nights on sofas, all combining to forget about the working week.

I have seen the areas commercial exposure increase over the last two years, and I’m sure this will continue with pace, however it becomes more important to focus on what the tourists wont know or choose to look for…
I guess that will be what my unskilled blog attempts will aim to focus on, by commenting on something that wont be lost as easy… it’s character

                                              Now, single gear or Boris bike?


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